On our way

Thanks to Davis Yetman(Hailey’s dad,) here is a photo of our plane taking off from Boston.  

And here we are at the airport all ready to head off on our Italian adventure! 

Our flight to Paris was without incident, and it seemed that most everyone got at least a little sleep. We arrived in Paris at 6 a.m. local time which was midnight for us. Our 4 hour lay over in Paris allowed us to regroup and sample the deicious macarons!

We met our tour guide Eileen at the airport and took a bus about an hour south of Naples to our hotel in Sorrento where we had a free afternoon to explore Sorrento which included seeing that beautiful rainbow and having some gelato!

A good night’s sleep for everyone last night has prepared us for our visit today to some of the most amazing and best preserved Doric temples in the world. We are on the bus on our way to Paestum right now. The wonders of modern technology allow us to post this right now!

On our way

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