Naples, Cumae, and Pozzuoli! (Wednesday)

Hello from Rome!

In the morning, we ate breakfast and then finally left from Sorrento to Naples (Goodbye Sorrento!). We had a lot of fun in Sorrento, exploring and walking through the city, and of course eating gelato 🙂 It was particularly interesting to see orange and lemon trees everywhere–not a common sight in Boston! In the first few days of the trip, we learned that Sorrento is especially famous for its lemons, usually in the form of limoncello.

Once we got to Naples, we toured the Naples National Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli in Italian). In the museum we saw incredible pieces of artwork: the Fresco of Sappho from Pompeii, the mosaic of Alexander the Great, the Farnese Bull Marble Statue, and the Farnese Statue of Hercules. After the museum, we had a quick pizza lunch!

A  shot of the interior of the museum!
A shot of the interior of the museum!


We then drove to Cumae, which was where the Sibyl gave Aeneas a prophecy which would help him reach the underworld. Unfortunately we were not able to enter the cave because of a previous landslide, but we did recite a small scene from the Aeneid. (Hopefully video to follow!) We walked up to the temple dedicated to Apollo where Daedalus landed after he escaped from Crete. The views were amazing and perfect for photographs 🙂

The Cave of the Sibyl
The Cave of the Sibyl

After Cumae, we took a short drive to Pozzuoli, where we toured the Flavian Amphitheater, which was able to hold 40,000 people. At the amphitheater, we learned that the basement of the amphitheater is seven meters deep and that animals were lifted up into the amphitheater through a system of pulleys.

The Flavian Amphitheater
The Flavian Amphitheater

We left Pozzuoli and went on a three hour drive to Rome. It was a great time to eat some snacks, relax, and take great photographs of the sunset. We had a great dinner in Rome and we are excited for our upcoming adventures!

DSC_0660 DSC_0721DSC_0744DSC_0865

Naples, Cumae, and Pozzuoli! (Wednesday)

3 thoughts on “Naples, Cumae, and Pozzuoli! (Wednesday)

  1. Hilary Bacon Gabrieli says:

    Polly’s favorite photo was of the pizza! My favorite photo was of the students! What a wonderful combination of observations, history and photos – thank you!

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